I Insistent on Living My Youthful Extravagant Life

June 29th, 2022

‘I Was Insistent On Living My Youthful Extravagant Life, When I Got Pregnant’ – Regina Daniels.

Regina Daniels
Nollywood actress and billionaire’s wife, Regina Daniels has opened up on how motherhood has changed her as she celebrates her son’s birthday today.

In the lengthy post shared on Instagram, Regina describes her son’s growth as something beautiful and breath-taking.

Recalling the experience of her pregnancy, the actress said she was insistent on living her youthful extravagant life when she was pregnant.

She promised to continue to love her son and always be there for him even when life throws hard times at him.

She wrote: “Seeing you grow up and become your own person has been both beautiful and breathtaking.

“When I look at you I can’t contain the love my heart feels, in that moment the best I can do is stare at you for no reason and tell you that I love you my Baba.

“When I was pregnant with you, i was not ready, I was still insistent on living my youthful extravagant life but now everything I do is you, from waking up, to eating, to working, in everything, I think about you.

“Moon you are the smartest, kindest, cutest, most intelligent, most friendly and most giving little boy I have come across. The things you choose to say sometimes, amazes me. You are proof that indeed the fruit doesn’t fall far away from the tree.

“You have been a source of joy to the entire household, you are loved beyond words, I have no doubt that you will make us proud, I thank God and bless the day June 29th that you were born. You are the light of my life. Seeing you grow up has been one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received.

“Moon we’ll do this life thing together, I’ll always have your back. I will live for you, I promise to always be there and when life throws hard times your way, I promise to catch it first. I love you my son.


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