I’m Tired Of Skit Makers S*xualising Women, Let’s Reduce It – Skit Maker, Sydney Talker Speaks Up

July 17th, 2022

Sydney Talker, one of Nigeria’s most popular online skit makers, has complined about the kinds of skits being made in recent times.

The skit maker says he’s tired of seeing skit makers s*xualise women in their content.

In a Twitter post on Saturday, the content creator charged his fellow skit makers to cut down on content that portrays women for their physical attributes.

“My fellow skit makers, please let’s start reducing the yansh and breast idea. Me self don tire for some skits wey Dey see nowadays,” Sydney wrote in Pidgin English.

Sydney’s tweet comes a few weeks after Mr. Macaroni, another skit maker, was criticised by the nursing community for allegedly s*xualising female medical workers in one of his videos.

Reacting to the backlash, Mr. Macaroni argued that the skit was not meant to degrade nurses.

“Let me use this opportunity to address those always pushing the narrative that most of my content is with women,” he wrote.

“First thing you should know is; that won’t stop! I play other characters. Serial philanderer series, in-law series professor hard life series, politician series, Debo series, social issues series.

“These are all different series and contents that portray our reality. So don’t think for a second that I will stop featuring freaky-freaky because of you.

“Also, Mr. Macaroni will not stop portraying real-life situations in his content. All of Mr. Macaroni’s contents are also open to constructive criticism. We won’t always agree on everything. But we can always do better.”


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